I have a favorite line from a book.  “Time is an ingredient.”  It is from the book. ‘Flower Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza.’  It was a gift, many years ago, when I started baking as a hobby.  It is a great book, I highly recommend it.

I love the quote, though I don’t know if he was the first to say it, but I got it from him.

I keep it in mind, as a gentle reminder that good things take time, often far more time than I would like. And I like the message, I find it far more positive and uplifting than the old cliche, “Three women can’t make a baby in three months.”, though, of course, the meaning is similar.

The quote, and the book, also fit my desire to produce artisan products. You want fast and cheap? Go somewhere else. Those days for me are past, I’ve paid my dues.  You want good, perhaps even great?  Let’s talk about what that means to you, and see if we have some inspiration.